Teamwork: More Than All-Star Status

Teamwork: More Than All-Star StatusIn the middle of February, Toronto will host the NBA’s 65th All-Star game. The exhibition game takes the best players from the Eastern conference and matches them against their best counterparts from the Western conference. Many of these players possess elite athleticism, captivating offensive and defensive skills and unbelievable talent.

However, a championship team is not merely comprised of the best players of the era. A championship team is made from a group of players that complement and work well together, just as it is with great companies. The most successful companies have role players as well. In every business, there is someone that needs to do the smallest job, but can have the biggest effects. The ability to build a team that can navigate through the obstacles and pursue the goals of the company will have great prosperity.

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Walmart’s Struggles Signify Need for Refocus

Walmart’s Struggles Signify Need for RefocusIn early January, Walmart announced the closing of 269 of its stores. 154 of these stores are within the U.S., and the remaining 115 are located internationally. 102 of the 154 stores closed in the U.S. are the smaller Walmart Express stores, which the company introduced in 2011. Walmart released a statement that said the closings were necessary for the company to be strong and well-positioned for the future.

The closing of these stores is a sign that the economy is not as healthy as the economic numbers would have us think. Companies should be cautious and make sure they have enough access to capital.

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How Will Your Company Differentiate Itself from The Pack?

How Will Your Company Differentiate Itself from The Pack?JetBlue is aiming to redefine luxurious flying for every customer. The company is redesigning all 130 of their Airbus A320 planes equipping them with gate-to-gate Wi-Fi, bigger HD television screens with more than 100 DirecTV channels, and in-seat power outlets and USB ports that allow fliers to charge all their wireless gadgets in the air.

This is what market-leading companies do. They innovate, expand and develop. They distinguish themselves from other brands in their industry. Yet development costs money, and often companies do not have the resources necessary to fund those very changes that would take their business to the next level. That’s when financing, specifically mezzanine debt type financing, can prove beneficial for mid-market companies looking to evolve.

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Super Bowl Strategy for an M&A End Goal

Super Bowl Strategy for an M&A End GoalWith the NFL playoffs in full swing, each week is a full-throttle battle defined by toughness and skill. Hard work, preparation and perseverance are elements that carry a team to the super bowl.

This arduous journey, through weeks of games, teamwork and practice help define a team’s character and strength—as well as their preparedness. Preparation for the Super Bowl can well be compared to a company’s efforts in accomplishing a merger or acquisition. The world of M&A is not for the faint of heart and requires strength and extreme preparedness.

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Uncovering The Unknown Dinosaur: How Buzz Builds Your Business

How Buzz Builds Your BusinessRecently, the American Museum of Natural History unveiled a new exhibit featuring the fossilized remains of a never-before-seen 122’ long Dinosaur. One of the largest dinosaurs ever found, the newly named Titanosaur, surpasses the blue whale showcased nearby by 30’. This Dinosaur does not as of yet possess an official species name, but the buzz surrounding the discovery is unmistakable.

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David Bowie as Brand Innovator and Superstar

David Bowie as BrandDavid Bowie was an English singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, painter and actor—a renaissance man of sorts. The master of reinvention who continually reestablished himself as a fierce global brand of innovation and creative artistry. His continual evolution brought him tremendous success and enduring interest for decades. He addressed current trends and tapped into audience demands.

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U.S. Presidential Debate Pressures: A Reflection of the Acquisition Process

 A Reflection of the Acquisition Process As the primaries continue to roll on, candidates feel the pressure to rise above the rest and prove their viability to gain the nomination. The stress and pressure reflected in this past debate is quite similar to the pressure-cooker sensation business owners must experience throughout the process of closing an acquisition.

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How to Raise Capital for Private Companies

Capital RaisingIn today’s finance world, small companies and private companies have the hardest time raising capital. Large companies or public companies have a wide array of funding options. Private companies have several approaches to raising capital. At start up or at an early stage, most private companies are owner funded or friends and family funded.

Due to the risk of the company at this stage, banks or other financing institutions are not available options. At the point where profitability is sustained and the company reaches a certain revenue size, banks and other funding
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