Uncovering The Unknown Dinosaur: How Buzz Builds Your Business

How Buzz Builds Your BusinessRecently, the American Museum of Natural History unveiled a new exhibit featuring the fossilized remains of a never-before-seen 122’ long Dinosaur. One of the largest dinosaurs ever found, the newly named Titanosaur, surpasses the blue whale showcased nearby by 30’. This Dinosaur does not as of yet possess an official species name, but the buzz surrounding the discovery is unmistakable.

In the world of buzz marketing or public relations, successful businesses are those that forge ahead in making their own “discoveries.” The launch of a new product or new technology, or the development of a new solution that helps other businesses grow are all news-worthy activates that help pave the path of success. A company with innovation and drive needs a strong marketing strategy in place to promote itself and its products. It’s a noisy world out there. Creating buzz backed by a solid marketing plan ensures that innovative companies, both large, midsized and small, are not left standing alone as a mere chapter in history.