David Bowie as Brand Innovator and Superstar

David Bowie as BrandDavid Bowie was an English singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, painter and actor—a renaissance man of sorts. The master of reinvention who continually reestablished himself as a fierce global brand of innovation and creative artistry. His continual evolution brought him tremendous success and enduring interest for decades. He addressed current trends and tapped into audience demands.

David Bowie was the ultimate innovator in forming new marketing strategies. It is something every great business must do. Your business always needs new ideas for promotion and presentation. A good marketing strategy emphasizes the value of your business to the consumer and has two goals: satisfy customer needs and make the business a profit.

David Bowie’s fame is fueled by his ability to meet the interests of his listeners and produce innovate products for his growing brand—something that evolved and strengthened over the course of his lifetime.