Teamwork: More Than All-Star Status

Teamwork: More Than All-Star StatusIn the middle of February, Toronto will host the NBA’s 65th All-Star game. The exhibition game takes the best players from the Eastern conference and matches them against their best counterparts from the Western conference. Many of these players possess elite athleticism, captivating offensive and defensive skills and unbelievable talent.

However, a championship team is not merely comprised of the best players of the era. A championship team is made from a group of players that complement and work well together, just as it is with great companies. The most successful companies have role players as well. In every business, there is someone that needs to do the smallest job, but can have the biggest effects. The ability to build a team that can navigate through the obstacles and pursue the goals of the company will have great prosperity.

There are three key strategies to team-building: creating a trust-centric environment, designing informal events outside the work environment, and creation of clearly defined goals. Findings ways to build on these three strategies will help most any company find a faster path to success.