Why Securing a Bank Loan is Like a Game of Powerball

Securing a Bank LoanUnless you were one of the three ticket holders that won the Powerball jackpot this past week, it likely is just another normal day at work for you. The chances of winning “the big one” are 1 in 292,201,388.00. Those are unsavory odds indeed.

Looking for a business loan to secure some extra green? Try a mezzanine loan because the odds of securing a bank loan are much inline with that of Powerball: slim to none. Mezzanine loans are based on the cash flow of a business, which means there is more flexibility and simplicity than trying to acquire a bank loan. Bank loans often are based on a strict asset formula, borrowing a fixed percentage against your asset’s values. Banks also always look for personal guarantees. Mezzanine loans are in second position behind banks; therefore, if the company liquidates, the mezzanine loan will be written off. This makes mezzanine lenders long-term, flexible and patient capital providers. Forget Powerball, mezzanine will help you build a cash flow rich tomorrow for your business.